What about sawdust?

What about our work in sawdust?

The sawdust was used as an alternative to gas in the bakery and living in the shops, it gives an aesthetic view in the shops ..

It is used for the farms of poultry farms, sheep, ostriches, horse clubs and other farms and we export to many farms in the Gulf countries and Europe ..

It is used in copper forming plants and it gives a brilliant shine to copper.

They are also used in tanneries and in the natural leather industry.

It is also used in the manufacture of smoked herring and added to the sawdust chemicals so that the manufacture of herring ..

It is also used in the coal industry and is also used in biofuel industry as in Europe.
Used in Jordan in cooking and used in Russia in the ignition of heating and also used in the manufacture of wood panels and used in Egypt in the manufacture of sweets ..

As for Japan, it is an essential factor in the beauty of the body and stimulate the blood circulation of the body.
I am a coarse, coarse, soft, and coarse sawdust, which is a red sawdust, white sawdust, MDF, sawdust, pine trees, etc.)

The soft is a (white sawdust – red sawdust)

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