Sudanese acacia charcoal for sale

فحم طلح للبيع

For sale Sudanese red acacia charcoal from acacia trees from the acacia season is the best vegetable charcoal in the world for hookah purposes, and the duration and specifications of ignition are very high in quality.

We have for sale and export very large quantities of Sudanese Acacia charcoal, the first elites, and we also have the capabilities of packing Sudanese Talh coal in special packages with all the data and the importer’s logo on demand

Shipping and exporting Sudanese acacia coal we have and delivery to all ports of the world with all the required quantities and international specifications and the prices of Talh coal for sale We have very competitive prices that help you to spread the Talh coal product in very large quantities in all global markets for the trade of African charcoal and Sudanese coal in particular

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