Luxurious citrus charcoal

The Arab Company for Processing, Trade and Export of Citrus Charcoal has the first large quantities in our factories of fine charcoal from citrus trees
We take great care in the Arab Company for Citrus Charcoal by choosing the finest citrus wood to produce citrus charcoal and citrus fruits. The first high-quality toast satisfies all of our customers in all countries of the world

Also, the luxury citrus charcoal from the Arab company is suitable for all purposes: citrus charcoal for hookah, citrus charcoal for barbecues, and citrus charcoal used for all purposes.
The charcoal of the Arab Company for Fine Citrus Charcoal is distinguished as a product by the experts of coal production, as we have been working in this field since the year 1980
We have luxurious citrus charcoal from orange charcoal, lemon charcoal and mango charcoal, we have all quantities of citrus charcoal required for export as we have the best shipping lines to speed up the delivery process in the buyer’s port and country
To order Deluxe Citrus Charcoal please contact us



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