Charcoal grill

Charcoal grills from the Arab African Charcoal Company with international specifications for trade and manufacture of charcoal for grill purposes from all African forests and export to all Arab countries, land and sea freight, and charcoal grills We have first toast and at competitive prices

The Arab African Coal Company provides grill charcoal from Nigerian charcoal, Sudanese charcoal, Somali charcoal and Colombian charcoal. Our barbecue charcoal products are also available in all Arab countries and some European countries

Our African grill charcoal is of very high quality and is manufactured in our factories in Africa by manufacturers of natural charcoal for barbecue purposes in conformity with international specifications for the use of charcoal for grills

African Grill Charcoal is very safe for use in homes, hotels, restaurants and public places

For sale we have large quantities of African grill charcoal and export charcoal to all ports of the world

We have thousands of tons of African coal in Egypt for easy shipping to all Arab countries in the fastest time

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