African charcoal prices

Only large companies producing and exporting charcoal can control the prices of African charcoal and create great competitive opportunities in the export and trade of natural African charcoal for hookah and grill charcoal.

Shisha coal prices

Our hookah charcoal consists of many types around the world. We provide very large quantities of African charcoal manufactured in our own factories by experts in the production and packaging of African charcoal:

Sudanese Talh Charcoal

This type of charcoal is considered the first and the highest quality for a natural type of charcoal for shisha, grills and all uses, and we have very large quantities for sale and export to a place in the world with the highest quality of Sudanese talc coal, first toast for all purposes

Somali koda charcoal

Somali Koda charcoal is the next to the first mentioned type, and we have high quality large quantities and is available in packages of all weights and shipping to any port

Ien Charcoal Nigerian

Nigerian charcoal for hookah recently got a top ranking in competition in the African charcoal trade market and won the admiration of users around the world, and our company has our factories in Nigeria for the production and export of charcoal from Nigeria and shipping to all countries of the world as we have large quantities of it available In Egypt to re-export it to all our customers around the world

Indonesian charcoal

We also have our factories in Indonesia to produce the finest types of natural and industrial Indonesian coal with very high quality and we have quantities of it ready for export to all ports of the world at the best coal prices and shipping

Egyptian citrus charcoal

We have Egyptian citrus charcoal with the highest quality for Egyptian charcoal in all markets. Our orange charcoal and lemon charcoal are produced in very large quantities from the finest types of wood for citrus fruits in Egypt and are produced with great care to obtain an Egyptian vegetable charcoal product that competes with all types of charcoal around the world. Mawalih is a type of charcoal that competes in all markets. We have very large quantities of shisha charcoal and grill charcoal.

Charcoal grill

We have all kinds of African charcoal for grills, we have Nigerian charcoal for grills, Indonesian charcoal for grills, Sudanese charcoal for grills, Egyptian charcoal for grills, first toast for grills in very large quantities for export to all land and sea ports

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