Somali charcoal

Arab Somali Charcoal Company

Somali charcoal, coda, has recently been among the best charcoal traded around the world

Somali charcoal of high quality for shisha, hookah and barbecues uses. Somali koda charcoal has very high specifications that have been admired by consumers of Somali charcoal for all purposes around the world. Charcoal manufactured in Somali forests is a natural vegetable charcoal free from any impurities or breakage. By packing charcoal in special packages according to the importer’s request with all weights and raw materials of the packages, and we export from Somalia or through one of our agents in the Arab countries, Somali charcoal is suitable for all purposes of hookah and grills and is used very safe in homes, hotels and restaurants and conforms to all international specifications for trade Charcoal

Contract is available for all quantities of Somali charcoal, whatever it is, as well as processing and exporting in the fastest time and of the highest quality

We have great experiences in all countries of the world in the trade of African coal and Somali coal

We manufacture charcoal in Somalia with great care to reach the highest quality that satisfies our customers who import Somali charcoal.

For more and inquiries about Somali coal / 00201002020770

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