Sawdust and its uses

Comrade has multiple products and systems in alternative energy saving ….

And come from the most important … Sawdust, which are many uses.

Where the company has a very large stock of sawdust suitable for the mattresses of poultry farms, ostrich and quail and horse stables, all kinds of sawdust used in the manufacture of heating taps and the WOOD PELLET and the company is ready to supply any quantities and all countries of the world.

The varnishes are in the form of light wood crusts very light weight of a very desirable smell of almost all people

The reason for the use of sawdust
1. Its relatively little cost with the rest of the materials.

2. It is easy to find it in any place where there are wooden industries.

3. Light weight and easy handling.

4. Its ability to absorb the wetness and conceal the odor of the jet.

5. Its ability to maintain the temperature of the animal.

6. The possibility of air entering the crust and the process of ventilation.

7. Adhesion of solid waste with sawdust husks, which can be cleaned later

8. They contain a very acceptable odor which works to cover the jet odors.

Uses of sawdust:
1 – used in poultry farms of all kinds

2 – in stables horses

3. The use of the farmer’s seed to fertilize agricultural land

4. It can be made after grinding in the form of wood pellet and is used as a source of alternative energy

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